TPS Central Media Services orders, receives, catalogs and processes materials for the TPS Library Media Centers. Below are the procedures for submitting requests for materials.


ORDERING PROCEDURES: The document below outlines the complete ordering procedures for (A) books and audiovisual materials, (B) magazines and newspapers, (C) Subscription On-line Research Resources, (D and E) Supplies and Miscellaneous items, and also provides a recommended ordering schedule.

ORDER CARDS: Here is detailed information about filling out "Order Cards".

ORDER ENCLOSURE FORMS: These are used to communicate with principals and central Media Services about orders you are submitting.

MAGAZINE ORDERING - STEP-BY-STEP: Magazines are ordered in the Spring for the coming school year. Here is the step-by-step description of the procedure.



When receiving a shipment from us, most of the books, unless they were brought in from the school for processing, will have an "order card" in the pocket. You need to match that order card with the pink slip in the "ordered/ordering" file and then throw both away.

You also need to go into Destiny and scan the barcodes on the books to make sure the record is in Destiny. This is the time that you can fiddle with the copy record if you want...change the circ type or call number.

There is usually a list in the box, but not always. Sue does send the Baker & Taylor list. She also sends a list that we generate for processing on books that don't come from Baker & Taylor. You may want to check this list to make sure you received all books. Some people do, some don't. You don't need to keep the lists.

RECEIVING MAGAZINES - STEP-BY-STEP: Magazine subscriptions run August through July. Here is the step-by-step for reporting errors.